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Tuning Automated Speech Applications

| | 2004-05-26

时间:2004年6月1日- 3日

Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Course Format: Classroom Learning
Duration: Three (3) Days
Target Audience: Speech Appl. Tuners / Dialog Designers / Developers / Engineers

  Track: This course is required in the application tuner track, or maybe taken as an elective as part of the dialog designer, VoiceXML developer, system administrator tracks.

  Prerequisite Courses: The following courses or equivalent experience is required prior to attending this class:
· Introduction to Speech Recognition
· Crafting Effective Voice User Interfaces
· Developing Basic Nuance Grammars
· Managing Successful Speech Applications (recommended)

  Prerequisite Skills: Basic technical ability to use DOS command line is expected, as the tuning tools used in the lab exercises are designed to be command- line driven for maximum flexibility. As the tools make use of XML style sheets, knowledge of XML is beneficial but not required. Please note that additional or custom development work may be required on your part to utilize these tools on your particular IVR platform..

  Course Description: This course has been completely revised to incorporate a brand new set of tuning tools developed by Nuance. As an Application Tuner, you will be responsible for optimizing the performance of a speech application. You’ll learn how to identify performance tuning requirements, collect and analyze log data, perform recognition experiments, make recommendations for improving the performance of a speech application, validate and monitor tuning results. You will apply what you learn in hands-on labs using Nuance tools.

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