Launching the Digital Silk Road Consortium: Pioneering Digital Transformation Across the BRI Countries

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Founded in August 2018, the Digital Economy Association of China (DEAC) is China’s pioneering national association dedicated to promoting the digital economy. Aligned with the spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the grand vision of building a shared future for mankind, our efforts focus on fostering a Digital Silk Road through enhanced exchanges, resource integration, and cross-regional development.

Supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission of China, DEAC continuously tracks, analyzes, and anticipates trends in the digital economy from a macroeconomic perspective. Our mission is aligned with the central government’s directives on digital economic growth and aims to function as a national-level, self-regulatory organization that promotes standardization initiatives and the overall advancement of the digital economy.

Through activities such as statistical monitoring, policy advisement, evaluations, resource integration, industry development, international exchanges, and promotional efforts, we strive to facilitate the formulation of macroeconomic policies, contribute to high-quality development, and enable various market actors to actively participate in and benefit from the digital economy.

The Digital Silk Road Consortium (DSRC), initiated by DEAC along with a selection of government agencies, industry associations, and academic institutions from the BRI countries, isdesigned to facilitate  communication, build consensus, establish rules, and provide a comprehensive platform to promote the adoption of digital technology and business growth across these countries.

Vision of the Digital Silk Road Consortium

Envisioned as a crucible of collaboration, the DSRC fosters an ethos where knowledge knows no
boundaries and innovation is the shared language. With an unwavering commitment to values of
diversity, trust, and open dialogue, we aim to be the nexus where corporations, industry luminaries, scholars, and visionary business leaders converge and interact. Central to our mission is the intent to elevate industry benchmarks, initiate symbiotic business ecosystems, and cultivate rich, value-driven networks that resonate across markets and stakeholders.

Goals of the Digital Silk Road Consortium

The DSRC’s core objectives include the democratization of digital expertise and the creation of digitalized service value chains. We envisage not just the creation of corporate connections but
also the melding of minds—where professionals and leaders across the spectrum come together,
fostering an environment of shared growth, innovative collaborations, and mutual enrichment.

Why Embark on this Journey with DSRC?

We invite industry associations, academic organizations, and representative enterprises of the BRI countries to become founding members of the DSRC. As a founding member, your organization will enjoy the following privileges:

Strategic Impact: Involve your organization in an opportunity to influence and mold the
trajectory and core ethos of the DSRC, leaving a profound mark amidst the tide of digital

Legacy Creation: Establish your organization as a beacon in the digital transformation
of multifaceted aspects of society, shaping and defining the benchmarks for a new era.

Network Acceleration: Dive into engagements with global thought leaders, trend
visionaries, and industry stalwarts. Collaborate, brainstorm, and innovate, unlocking
unparalleled breakthroughs.

Exclusive Opportunities: The DSRC offers a unique platform, opening doors to
unparalleled collaborative vistas, research endeavors, and tailored growth strategies that
are unique to the DSRC’s mission.

This initiative is more than a business proposition; it’s an opportunity to shape futures and craft
historical moments. Together, we can chart a course that illuminates the digital pathway for the
BRI countries and beyond.

Contact DSRC:
• Xi Zhao,
• Robin Feng,

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