CCM World Group: Corporate Profile

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Found in 2002, Customer Care Management (CCM) World Group is a research, education and development organization dedicated in customer care, service & management in China. It targets the entire life cycle of customer care, service, and management, develops industrial standards, academic IPs and innovations, and provides CCM education, professional training and business consulting.

Core business and research interests of CCM World Group includes CCM industrial standard development, contact center modeling and operation, CRM research and services, ESD marketing pathway, and customer service big data analytic. We are also specialized in the theory and practice of each stage in customer service life cycle, including identification, access, development, retention, and regaining. With our broad talent pool and comprehensive industry expertise, we organize various educational and commercial events, including training and exhibitions, to promote information exchange and business development in CCM industry and provide development opportunities for customer service professionals.

Today, CCM World Group is considered the prestige authority on customer care, services and management, and contact center operation & management in China. Currently, we are the sole organization supporting Ministry of Information Industry Call Center Occupation Standard (MIICCOS) to deal with hundreds of enterprises’ daily call center operations; we organize the annual “China Contact Center Summit” and “China Customer Care & Management Convention”; we select the China Model Enterprise in Customer Care & Management industry.

Five primary corporate functions in CCM World Group are:

1) Media Platforms

• “Customer Care & Management World” magazine – a leading magazine in China also an industry pioneer publication. Since its initial publication in January 2003, its combined monthly circulation of paper and electronic editions exceeds 65,000. Today, Customer Care & Management covers more than 96% of contact center seats in China.

• The official website of and the electronic publication available at – the rapidly growth publication platforms supporting as many as 600,000 viewers.

2) Conventions and Exhibitions

• CCM World Academy, a subsidiary unit of CCM World Group, strives to become the Top One education institute on CCM in Asia. It provides academic education and research and promotes professional training. Presently, CCM World Academy has become an important professional body in Asia-Pacifica region by retaining over 150 expert consultants.

• CCM World series topic forums and user groups are held in more than 15 strategic cities in China annually. Since March 2004, the number of forums and user groups are over 40 and their user base exceeds 50,000.

• CCM World Group organizes and hosts the annual “China Contact Center Summit”, which is the highest level call center forum in Asia. It gathers top experts of contact center in Asia-Pacific region.

• CCM World Group also organizes the annual “China Customer Care & Management Convention”, the largest exhibition of customer service industries in Asia-Pacific region. This convention involves the high-end customers and exhibitors from over 16 industries and 13 countries.

3) Human Resource Services

• CCM World Group is the author of customer service academic curriculum used by Ministry of Education of China. Every year the curriculum is used by over 300 colleges and training schools.

• Regularly we provide customer service professional training and internship opportunities to college students via a special Call Center Coop Program with Ministry of Education of China.

• With organizing customer service skill competition events, we also develop and offer special preparation training, which is based on hiring employer requirements, to new graduates prior to their start of employment.

4) Business Consulting Services

• Through cooperation with Fudan University in 2008, CCM World Group established the CC-CMM standards. We are committed to the field of customer service management research and development on customer channel exploration, self-assessment, peer certification, benchmarking, cross-border business, industry exchanges and global standard development.

• Based on the CC-CMM standard system, we offer a full range of services such as certification, consulting, evaluation and training for more than 20,000 customer centers in China.

5) Industry Commercial and Public Services

• CCM World Group, through its partnership with business and local governments, has set up a Customer Center Industry Investment Fund to focus on consulting and investment financing services for start-ups in the industry.

• CCM World Group, through its cooperation with local governments, has created several successful customer centers and e-commerce industrial parks focusing on planning and construction resources and supporting the corresponding industry development in China.

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